A simple and easy to understand sliding menu implementation using javascript and jquery

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Welcome to Sliding Menu JS.

A demo page is available here : SlidingMenuJS demo.

Quick look :

Alt text

Why this menu ?

We wanted a sliding menu for a web app.

We've tried a lot of existing menu implementations on the web but none were compatible with all of the platforms we intended to support

Of course most of the projects found worked well within their example cases but when we started using it in real environment, bugs started crawling.

Here is the list of most common problems we've encounter while trying various projects found on the web :

  • Bug when content page is longer than menu (content appears on top etc...).
  • Bug when menu is longer than content.
  • Menu stay fixed or open when we change the device orientation.
  • Ajax loading not supported.

Of course we've done our best to fix all of those bugs in SlidingMenuJs, see below.

Features ?

Our main goal was to obtain a menu

  • Simple to understand and edit / custom
  • LightWeight
  • Implement Ajax loading for content page
  • Support native browser navigation (previous and next button)
  • Device Rotation support (Orientation change is detected and both menu and content adjust their positions)

What features aren't supported ?

  • Gestures : we wanted this menu to work on "old" devices, htc hero for example which doesn't support gestures.

However, if you wan't to implement basic gestures like swipe to open your menu, you can simply : (tested on iOs > 4.0 and Android > 2.2) :

  • Go to and download source. (simple and cool touch gestures library)
  • put hammer.min.js in your folder containing index.php of slidingMenuJS
  • Edit index.php and menu_nav_js as shown below :
    /* Paste this in index.php between <head></head>: */
    <script type="text/javascript" src="hammer.min.js"></script>

    /* Paste this in menu_nav.js : */

    function initGestures() {

        var openingGesture = Hammer(document).on("swiperight", function(event) {
        var closingGesture = Hammer(document).on("swipeleft", function(event) {

That's it ! Five lines of code and one lib and SlidingMenuJS now supports gestures ;-)

  • CSS3 animations : initially we did support this kind of animation but they we're not compatible with Windows phone so we had to remove it.

Supported OS and phones ?

Here is the list of devices that we have been testing on

Feel free to complete this list with your own tests (or send us a tweet with the device info you've tested on)

Operating system
Device name (version OS)
iPhone 3GS (v 5.1)
iPhone 4 (v 6.0)
iPhone 4S (v 6.1.1)
iPhone 5 (v 6.1.1`)
Nexus 4 (v 4.2.2)
Galaxy Nexus (v 4.1 / 4.2.2)
Htc Desire (v 2.2)
Htc Hero (v 2.1)
Windows phone
Nokia Lumia 800 (v 7.5)

Who Are You?

I'm @chipowok and I'm part of @apptitudes : We are a mobile developpement company check us out at



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 * can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think
 * this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return
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If you use this code in your project, please send us a link or a screenshot to show the results ;-)